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The cruising cloth is an outstanding all-purpose fabric. This material has been developed for a wide range of uses and is made of high-strength polyester yarns. The cruising cloth offers good diagonal strain properties and its durability ensures a long life. Its attractiveness lies in the excellent price performance ratio. A perfect solution for cross-cut sails.

Cut: cross-cut, horizontal cut, vertical cut (in-mast furling sails)


With High Aspect sails, the strongest load is distributed along the leech. These sails are characterized by their high and narrow profile. To manufacture this cloth, only the highest quality yarns and densest fabrics are used. We use strong fill yarns and lighter, consequently crimped, warp yarns. Thereby aligning the entirely straight fill yarns with the load bearing direction of the sail. This weaving technique results in the highest weft stability combined with an exceptionally good diagonal elongation. 

Cut: Cross-cut, horizontal cut sails 


Low Aspect sails have a greater basic length, which makes it desirable to spread the load more evenly about the sail. This type of sail also requires uncompromisingly high quality cloths, that are woven according to the highest manufacturing standards. A very important characteristic of the Low Aspect Series is the balance of power between the fill yarns and the diagonal elongation. To achieve this effect, we use fill yarns less strong than in the High Aspect cloths, which allows them to crimp slightly with the warp yarns. A perfect balance between the strength of the fill and the diagonal stability leads to a well distributed load over the entire surface of the sail.

Cut: cross-cut, horizontal cut sails


DIMENSION-POLYANT Strong Fill / High Aspect quality sailcloth has been developed to offer a very strong fill oriented sailcloth suitable for high aspect, high performance mainsails, jibs and genoas. The Strong Fill fabrics show the best combination of low stretch performance and durability in high aspect applications. These styles feature excellent fill stability without sacrificing bias control.

Cut: cross-cut, horizontal cut sails


DIMENSION-POLYANT Square® was designed for use in performance oriented sails. These premium polyester styles are used when, in addition to hightened warp and fill stability, improved off-the-threadline support is required. Square® styles are unique in many aspects.

These sails are easily identified by a ripstop pattern woven into the substrate by using either 500 or 1000 denier yarns paired in both the warp and the fill direction. These yarns enable an extremely rugged fabric, even in the lightweight styles with the very firm HTP® plus finish.

All the Square® styles feature evenly balanced constructions, woven with very tightly packed small denier yarns. Combined with larger size Square® yarns, it makes for styles with low stretch in all three directions and suitable for both vertical and crosscut constructions in racing as well as cruising sails.