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Our PS-one taped sails are cross-cut and designed three-dimensionally. With these custom designed laminates supporting films of three categories are used: polyester, tawron or spectra. Depending on your boat's requirements, the tapes are applied to the sail following the computed high load areas at the corners and the leech. The distinctive feature of this sail is the end-to-end tape-material that optimizes the distribution of the load covering the sail area, and at the same time minimizing the weight.

The significant advantages of PS-one material are:

  • •  a light weight supporting film can be used, thereby reducing weight at the top of the sail. 
  • • optimal distribution of the load, thanks to end-to-end tape-material

  • • the tapes prevent tears from running full length of the sail. Tears longer than 10 cm are quasi not possible, since they run no further than the next tape. Punctured sails can simply be covered with sticky-backed dacron, for example.

We offer two variants of the PS-one series

PS-one Race                supporting film Mylar            PS-one Taffetasupporting film one-sided taffeta

supporting film, both-sided taffeta, tapes applied one-sided

With both variants you can chose from 3 types of tape:

Glass fibre tapes -    Silver EditionKevlar tapes     -    Gold EditionCarbon tapes   -    Black Edition