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The CL laminate has been developed for the performance oriented cruising- and offshore-sailor. The advantage of a laminated sailcloth over a woven cloth is the fair pricing. If you choose a CL cloth, you achieve better performance, suffer less stretch and get a sail better adjusted to the point of sailing. A woven cloth can’t compete with those advantages. More importantly, the CL laminate is highly durable. The material is based on a scrim component technology. Flat, untwisted ribbons of fibre are formed into a number of scrims. Compared with woven sailcloth, this maximises the performance of the yarn.

The essential advantages at a glance: reduced cloth weight improves light wind performance and sail handling. Less stretch means better shape retention, driving your boat forward instead of heeling it over. The double taffeta sandwich construction makes CL sails both tough and durable.

Cut - radial / tri-radial


DIAX-LSP cloths are based on a scrim component technology. Flat, untwisted ribbons of fibre are formed into a number of scrims that maximise the performance of the yarn. In every DIAX fabric, a zero crimp warp/fill scrim resists primary and secondary loading, combined with a unique 45 degree diagonal axis scrim to reduce bias stretch. This enhances durability and shape holding power. This being particularly important in furling sails, when the cloth is being reefed and the load does not follow the ideal force path.

Cut - radial / tri-radial


In this proven line of racing laminates several exclusive production technologies of DIMENSION-POLYANT are combined in an expedient racing-laminate-series. The newly developed Ti-Tex treatment eliminates any low load crimp and provides totally linear loading performance. A special added glue protects the aramid fibres from UV radiation.


DIMENSION-POLYANT's line of GraphX® carbon laminates for racing and cruising yachts of all sizes have a very good reputation in the sailing world. Decisive for the high product liability is a superior fibre handling and the advanced lamination technology using a DIMENSION-POLYANT-patented insert process. GraphX®-GPL makes the most of the full power of high performance carbon laminates.

GPL laminates utilize high strength carbon warp sheet fibre, super rugged Technora® Black base and Technora® Black X-PLY® to create high performance fabrics with incredible resistance to elongation, bending and UV-radiation.

Cut - radial / tri-radial


Code Zero sails had initially been developed for offshore racing but are by now gaining popularity in club and buoy racing. A Code Zero sail is similar to an asymmetric spinnaker, but flatter in shape, performing like a light air genoa. Conventional spinnaker fabrics have insufficient stretch resistance to work in these conditions. To meet these special requirements DIMENSION-POLYANT developed this dedicated lightweight laminate line. This cloth is one-sidedly laminated with taffeta.

73g/m²        1,70oz
90/gm²        2,10oz
94/gm²        2,20oz
124/gm²       2,90oz