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For our cruising downwind sails we use Ripstop Nylon made by Bainbridge International, one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world with almost a century’s experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

For this cloth a fabric construction with high tenacity nylon (30 denier) was chosen. It is tearproof and long lasting. A good choice for all cruising sailors.


45/gm²    1,05 oz

70/gm²    1,6 oz

Colours available:

Red, White, Dark Blue


For our customers who like to sail a club race once in a while we choose a fabric that is tailored to their specific needs. In this segment we use multi-purpose nylon with a special finish. The impregnation soaks into the fabric surrounding the nylon fibre and locking the weave together. The coating stabilises the weave and reduce porosity to zero. Our MP cloths have the characteristics of a racing cloth combined with a better shape-holding power. Excellent value, and to be recommended for every passionate downwind sailor.


48/gm²    1,12oz77/gm²    1,85 0z116/gm²    2,70ozColours available: all colours


For the racing segment we use exclusively fabrics of superior quality. All cloths have an added silicone finish that reduces extra weight to a minimum in wet conditions. Regatta sailing with a light cloth in tougher true-wind-speed-conditions is possible. Generally, one spinnaker covers lighter and stronger winds. A 0,5oz sail can be driven at 20 knots. We use these types of cloth:

AIRX         BainbridgeDynalite    ContenderWeight:             Colour:32/gm²    0,75oz        White37g/m²    0,86oz        White, Red, Blue40g/m²    0,90oz        White,44/gm²    1,00oz        White, Red, Blue67/gm²    1,60oz        White