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Cut of a sail


With this cut, the breadths run horizontally from leech to luff. The cross cut has a good profile, the leech is easy to trim. It is a reliable and well established cut. In fact, one of our top-sellers.


This cut is ideal for sails with an aspect ratio bigger than 2,5 : 1 - that's tall and slim sails. Considering the forces vector diagram of this shape, you have the strongest material in the area suffering the highest exerted force. With the tri-radial cut, this sail has less permanent elongation and a very high shape-holding power. In the front area of the sail, lighter cloth can be used, to keept the weight of the sail to a minimum. This is the ideal cut for laminates.


This is the right cut for sails, that are used with various wind speeds, for example the mainsail or a reefing-genoa. Thanks to the layout of the breadth and seams parallel to the lines of force, we can process cloths of different weight. The bi-radial cut is a particularly good choice for mainsails, and well suited for headsails with an aspect ratio smaller than approx. 2,5 : 1 (luff to foot).


This cut is a good choice for small and light boats and skippers who love active sailing. The cut is equally suitable for in-mast furling and reefing mainsails without battens. 


This cut is perfectly suited for smaller to mid-size yachts and inmast-furling mainsails without battens.