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The cruising sails selection by PrimeSails is tailored to the needs of ambitious cruisers. Quality and durability are the top priorities of this series. Depending on your preferred sail area, we help you choose the right sail: whether coastal cruising or offshore ambitions, we make your individual sail to measure.

Products are based on the the well established dacron cloth as well as modern touring laminate. You have total freedom of choice. 

Cloth: All current dacron cloths, Pentex Cruising
Cut: Cross cut / Horizontal cut

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With the PrimeSails performance series we address the highly specific needs of ambitious sportsmen. These sails feature a high stretch resistance, very low weight and excellent shape holding power. Exactly what you need for successful regatta sailing.

For our performance sails we use all the modern laminates offered by leading sail cloth manufacturers. Whether it is kevlar, tawron or carbon, for every requirement we have an individual solution. Team PrimeSails uses these sails when racing internationally and we are very peculiar about material.  

Cloth: Kevlar, Pentex Tawron, Carbon as well as PS-one gold and black edition (taped fiber path sails)
Cut: Cross cut, Tri-Radial, Bi-Radial

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The Grand Prix series was created for all those sailors, for whom yacht racing is a top priority. Shapeholding, low weight and an optimal profile for different uses are the key requirements for successful racing.

Our own designers take the time to make each sail fit precisely – like a bespoke suit. We consider every aspect of your boats measurements, take every single one of its chracteristics into account. We profit from decades worth of sailmaking-tradition.

For this series we use exclusively membrane structures (Fiber Path). Depending on your specific needs we would also include materials such as kevlar, tawron or carbon to achieve the optimum in aerodynamics, weight and shapeholding. All this is based on state of the art manufacturing technology.  

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