The idea for PRIMESails came to Till Hagelstein when he was once again looking to buy fast good sails for his boat. Since this investment for new sails in regatta sailing is repeated at least every 2 years, an inexpensive solution to the problem was urgent! He therefore decided to take the production of sails into his own hands. His knowledge of the performance and characteristics of wing profiles from his active gliding career also proved useful.

The idea was born. In 2006 Till founded the first pure internet sailmaker’s shop called PRIMESails. He had succeeded in finding a production facility that had been on the market for 20 years and produced using the latest methods. So he was able to offer standard sails for international classes, good cruising and regatta sails for highest demands at a reasonable price.

PRIMESails uses the most modern computer design programs to manufacture the sails. The highly specialised production facilities guarantee a consistent top quality using sailcloth from all leading brand manufacturers. After almost 15 years PRIMESails has an increasing number of satisfied customers. We will continue to incorporate the latest developments in manufacturing and technology and pass all the benefits on to you.

Your PRIMESails Team

Meet the team






Till-Richard Hagelstein, born 1970, is the founder and owner of PRIMESails.  He had the idea for the first, exclusively online-based sailmaking in 2006, when he was looking for a cost-effective solution for regatta sailing. These sails are usually replaced every 2 years and require some expertise in the production process. Till had this knowledge of e.g. performance & characteristics of wing profiles from his active time as a glider pilot. Today PRIMESails has been very successfully established in the market for more than 15 years and is the contact point for many regatta athletes and boat owners throughout Europe.

Mail: till.hagelstein[at]


PRIMESails Custom Service


Henning Neumann, born 1981, joined the PRIMESails team in 2007. The trained sailmaker is a boy from the coast and actively rooted in sailing. He is the youth warden of a large German sailing club and is responsible for the training of the next generation. His experience of over 10,000 nautical miles speaks for itself. As helmsman and crew manager, Henning is responsible for many regatta victories and, due to his competent and friendly manner, he is a sought-after contact person in the sailing sport.

Mail: henning.neumann[at]


PRIMESails Lake Constance


Frank Kasten is the owner of the well-known sailing school Seewäts in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance and is an enthusiastic regatta sailor. With his Luffe 37 you can meet him again and again on regatta courses. What could be more natural than to have sailing instructors who also have the right cloth in their range. Frank is your PRIMESails contact for Southern Germany at Lake Constance.

Mail: f.kasten[at]

Sponsoring in sailing sports


PRIMESails actively supports the sailing sport. Whether through donations in kind or as service on site.

Up to date:

Girls for Gold 2021

We wish Sarah and Lea every success at the 2021 Olympics and hope we were able to contribute a little to their success with our sponsorship.

Sail maker PRIMESails supports teams and organizers e.g:


  • Sail repair service on Helgoland, donations in kind

14 Footer WorldCup Warnemünde

  • Spare parts service supervised by Mr Baum

Community race of the sailing clubs Trave

  • Donations in kind and banner sponsor

Late Night Cup German Offshore Owners Asc.

  • Donations in kind and banner sponsor



Helmsman 751 Technora Membran Sail

A beautiful Helmsman 751 from Austria with our Technora membrane sails from the Club Race Line. Fully powered by PRIMESails

Millenium 40 GER 6880

Millenium 40 GER 6880 with a PS-One mainsail made of aramid fabric with Technora tapes. Fully powered by PRIMESails

Mumm 36

Mumm 36 with an aramid fabric Genoa III membrane

Bavaria 44 / PS-One black

A Bavaria 44 with a new set of sails from our PS-One line


Bavaria 47 Ocean

SY “Lady J lll” Bavaria 47 Ocean equipped with roll main, roll genoa made of sandwich laminate CL in Triradial Cut, also the touring spinnaker with the owner’s own logo.

Sprinta Sport with regatta kit

This Sprinta Sport GER-3052 is very successful in her class.

Folkeboot / High Aspect Dacron Sails

Here is a nice Folkboat Family with a sail set of High Aspect Dacron Strong Fill from our company. Very good to see, the vertical sail battens, which allow the rollability of the sail.

Puffin 30 of the Dutch Navy

The new Puffin 30 of the Dutch Navy, was equipped with sails from PRIMESails.


SY “Hille Hex” an Athena 34 was equipped with a regatta mainsail from our PS-one “Black Edition” series.


Genoa I for a Banner 30 from our series PS-one “Black Edition

Nissen ¼ ton-PS-One black film/film

PS-One-black Mainsail and Genoa I

Centerline 40

Mainsail and Genoa PS-One-Silver Membrane

Dehler 31

PS One silver Mainsail and Genoa

Dehlya 22

Mainsail and jib

GibSea 26

Mainsail and Genoa Grand Prix membrane made of Technora

Grand-Soleil 45

Mainsail and Reef Genoa


Spinnaker with Logo


Mainsail and Genoa

Beneteau Oceanis 43

Gennaker with Logo

X 3/4 ton

Mainsail and Genoa 110% PS-One-Gold film/film