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Before you start entering the data, please print out the respective measurement form and determine the data required there. Complete Information on this form will enable PRIMESails to design the best professional sail for your boat.

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Please fill out the fields carefully. All information provided will help us to get a better impression of your boat type.

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Boat data
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Type of boat:
CruiserCruiser / RacerRacer
Rig parameters

Rig:     Top7/8
Runners:     YesNo
Spreaders Qty:     Pcs.
Spreaders (type):     ArrowedStraight
Jumpstay:    YesNo
Top of the mast tapering:    YesNo
Mast rake    YesNo ( see pictures )
        if mast rake "Yes" (M):     cm

Mast bending with unloaded rig ( see pictures )
Mast bend:     cm

Rig dimensions ( see pictures )

Foretriangle Height ( I )*:
Foretriangle Base ( J )*:
Luff length ( P )*:
Foot length ( E )*:
Luff / Mizzen ( PY ):
Foot / Mizzen ( EY ):

Rig size
For what wind conditions should your sail be?
Light (0-8 knots)Medium (8-15 knots)Heavy (15+ knots)
What kind of Main Sail do you want? ( see pictures )
(4) 85-90% Jib (3) 110% Genoa 3 (2) 130% Genoa 2 (1) 150% Genoa 1

If none of the given sizes should apply, please enter the desired size here: ( see pictures )
LP-measure (m): cm

Which cut and which cloth do you wish?

  Cross-Cut Vertical-Cut Bi-Radial Tri-Radial Full-Radial

How should your headsail be cut (clew height) ( see pitures )
Low - Performance/Regatta - Clew is almost on deck
Medium - Cruising - better view under the headsail
High - Cruising - very good view under the foresail

What equipment should your sail have?
Standard ( see pictures )
- Teils tales (wind threads)
- Sail number & color:    
Sail number:

Special equipment
Window trim strip Part taleswindow class sign Reff (only at Jib)
What is your Track Fitting type? ( see pictures )
Closed LoopsHookSnap Clip

Measure of Jib and Genoa tracks and main shrouds/sidestay points
Measure all lengths on deck. Reference point is the forestay (see pictures).
( A )*     m (forestay to main shroud)
( J )*     m (forestay to mast)
( F1 )*     m (forestay to front of jib track)
( F2 )*     m (forestay to end of jib track)
( F3 )*     m (forestay to front of genoa track)
( F4 )*     m (forestay to end of genoa track)
( W )*     m (mast to main shroud / sidestay)

Measure the offset of Jib and Genoa tracks
Measure all lengths on deck. The reference point is the boats centerline (see pictures).
( 01 )*     cm (centerline to front of jib track)
( 02 )*     cm (centerline to end of jib track)
( 03 )*     cm (centerline to front of Genoa track)
( 04 )*     cm (centerline to end of Genoa track)

Measurement of the headsail triangle, halyard length and headsail track ( see pictures )
( V1 )*     m (Maximal luff lenght)
( S1 )*     m (Hight halyard to front of jib track)
( S2 )*     m (Hight halyard to end of jib track)
( S3 )*     m (Hight halyard to front of Genoa track)
( S4 )*     m (Hight halyard to end of Genoa track)

Which headsail system do you have? ( see pictures )
Profile headsail:     Yes     Manufacturer / Modell:    
Foil Tape size diameter
LB = Measured with the caliper on the old luff strip.
( LB ) 4 mm5 mm6 mmOther

Roller Furling System ( see pictures )
Roller Furling:Yes     Manufacturer / Modell:   
( V )*     m - maximal forstay lenght (not compelling necessarily)
( V1 )*     m - maximal luff lenght
( V2 )*     m - bearing surface of the attachment of the furling drum to feeder
( V3 )*     m - intersection of the headstay and the deck to bearing surface of the attachment of the furling drum
( V3 )*     m - Distance at 90 to the forestay to the bearing surface of the tack fitting

How does your furling system turned being furled? (This information is important for sewing on the UV protection correctly!)
counterclockwise (starboard)clockwise (port)

UV protection     Color:
Wire size     diameter     mm
Old sail sizes / desired sizes ( see pictures )
LP-measure     cm
( VL )     cm Luff
( AL )     cm Leech
( UL )     cm foot
( UL foot-round)     cm foot-round
Battens YesNo
      if "Yes": Please enter lengths in centimeters. When taking the measurements, make sure that the sheets are tightly stretched.
           ( L1 )    cm
           ( L2 )    cm
           ( L3 )    cm

Lufftape YesNo
Hank YesNo
Wire luff YesNo
Tack shackle YesNo
Please take note of the following peculiarities regarding my sail:



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